Practice Tips Micro-Lessons

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Tips for Building Your Low-Range on Horn with Kate Warren

Join horn instructor, Kate Warren, in practicing low range techniques. In this lesson learn to play low F, and then play it in a familiar melody. Using melodies is a great way to add more range extension into daily practice. Try transposing simple melodies into other keys to practice even more range techniques. 

Using the C# to Troubleshoot Flute Tuning with Lisa Garner Santa

In this lesson, flute instructor Lisa Garner Santa, shares a helpful practice tip for diagnosing hand position issues. She explains that if the flute feels like it’s going to fall while playing a C-sharp then the hand position needs adjustment. You can find more practice tips for the flute and many other instruments in the lessons on MusicProfessor. 

Improve Cello Articulations with these Tips from Diana Yusupov

Practice articulations with cello instructor, Diana Yusupov. In this lesson you will learn how to use your index fingers with the bow to create staccato articulations. By practicing different articulations alone, you can begin to incorporate them into more music over time. 

Refine Your Mallet Skills with Cory Hills

Four mallet technique may seem difficult at first, but it can be mastered with consistent practice. Learn a great exercise for practicing four mallet technique with this lesson on double stops. Enhance your mallet playing with MusicProfessor marimba instructor, Cory Hills, and start playing fun new music today.

Learn the Essential F Chord on Ukulele with Rachel Haymer

Learn the basics of playing the ukulele with MusicProfessor instructor, Rachel Haymer. In this lesson you will learn how to play the two finger, F major chord. Once you have learned a few chords, practice putting them together to create your own new songs.